Every Donation
makes a difference

What is Vision Cambodia?

Vision Cambodia is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for the bright and inspiring people of Cambodia. Volunteers from around the world contribute their time, money, and talents to support the awesome humanitarian projects in Cambodia. This organization is unique because all of the participants in the United States don’t take any form of payments for themselves.

Our organization is dedicated to making a lasting impact with sustainable projects that can benefit the people of Cambodia for decades to come. Real growth is the goal, and that’s why Vision Cambodia focuses on paying locals to execute these projects as well as teaching them how to maintain them. We don’t just fund projects, we teach people how to develop opportunities and improve their lives.

What Vision Cambodia Does

Vision Cambodia works with locals to implement and manage projects. By providing operational and financial support to local Cambodians, your donation can help in the following areas:

  • Providing clean water wells to rural/poor communities
  • Constructing and maintaining free schools
  • Micro business development and mentoring
  • Baby birth fund
  • Student sponsorships
  • Expanding humanitarian projects

Vision Cambodia is unique because every dollar raised is utilized in Cambodia. There is no overhead or admin and all supporters in the Developed World are volunteers, and every penny reaches the people of Cambodia.

How Vision Cambodia Was Started

Vision Cambodia began in 2016 when one of the future directors of Vision Cambodia traveled to Cambodia for vacation with his wife. They initially went to see the stunning world heritage sites and tourist destinations, but they quickly became intrigued by the charming and earnest locals. They wanted to learn more about the Cambodian way of life, so their tour guide, a man by the name of Chantha, shared his story with the two travelers.

Chantha overcame a difficult childhood with a burning passion to learn English and help the people of his country. He was already involved in humanitarian efforts with local villages and communities, but he needed structure and funding to take his service efforts to the next level. He told the travelers about the humanitarian groups that came and went with well building projects that didn’t last long in the local communities. Chantha claimed that he could build wells at a lower cost and with a higher quality that would allow communities to have access to clean water for decades to come. Finding Chantha’s claim almost too good to be true, the travelers took a chance on Chantha and provided the funds for a well to be built in the local community.

Within the next two days, Chantha was able to build the well from start to finish. Not only that, the well was built at a higher level of quality than others that had been built in the area, and it was far cheaper to produce. The travelers were thrilled with the success of this project, so they asked Chantha how to scale these projects to more communities throughout Cambodia. They began to supply Chantha with the tools, structure, and supplies needed for him to expand the projects he was providing. Vision Cambodia has been finding new ways to continue to give aid to the Cambodian people through a wide range of humanitarian projects ever since!