First Vision Cambodia Well

This well was the first completed well project by Vision Cambodia. What was originally intended as a…


Give the gift that keeps on giving!

I 5 months ago Give the gift that keeps on giving this year by donating a well! One of our major business partners, Blueline Services, has also been donating wells for some of their clients as Christmas gifts!! READ MORE

One School & 600 Brighter Futures

I 6 months ago This past November, we received some amazing pictures from some of our humanitarian volunteers when they went to visit the Justin Kyler School and drop off some more school supplies. (If you're interested in getting... READ MORE

Four Orphaned Boys

I 6 months ago These four little boys captured our hearts the moment we met them and heard their story. At ages 5, 7, 9, and 11, they were abandoned by their parents who left to Thailand where they thought they could make a better... READ MORE

8 Births Funded In ONE Day!!

I 6 months ago Earlier this month, one of our humanitarian groups went and visited a baby birth center that Vision Cambodia helps support. On the day that they went and visited EIGHT babies were born into Vision Cambodia's baby bi... READ MORE

Progress Update On The Friendship School

I 9 months ago Construction has started on the Friendship school that was recently funded by Rob Brunt and Troy Peterson! The school should be completely finished in the next three days, but here are some progress pictures of the school today.... READ MORE

Trip To Angkor Wat Temple

I 9 months ago This past summer we were lucky enough to be able to sponsor an amazing trip to the Angkor Wat temple. We took as many children as we could from the villages to see this historic wonder. While this temple is not far,... READ MORE

What Are The Different Ways You Can Help?

I 9 months ago People always ask us "how can I help?" or tell us "I want to help! How can I get involved?". Our answer? It's so easy to get involved! Whether you wa... READ MORE

3 Days And $375 For Clean Water

I 9 months ago Our amazing partner and founder Chantha is a native Cambodian. After an extremely rough childhood, he has committed his life to helping his neighbors in need and finding ways to help i... READ MORE

New School To Be Built – “Friendship School”

I 9 months ago We wanted to share some awesome photos and say a big thank you to everyone who helped contribute to the Friendship School! This new English school will be built in a very large community where there have been a lot ... READ MORE

Our Schools Are Bursting At The Seams – Colorado School Update

I 9 months ago Here are some photos of the updated Colorado school! We wanted to help get the community involved in this build and help out the villagers with some extra cash. So we decided to make the school walls out of water bo... READ MORE