What is Vision Cambodia?

Vision Cambodia is a non-profit organization that was started in 2016 by a couple of American travelers after they had the chance to visit Cambodia on vacation. The tourists saw some incredible world heritage sites and gorgeous scenery, but they were more interested in learning about the people and their way of life. They saw that many people in Cambodia struggle with meeting day-to-day needs, so they saw an opportunity to get involved.

The tour guide for these travelers was a man named Chantha, and he had established a local non-profit in Cambodia in his personal efforts to help the people of his country. Prior to 2016, he had completed over 50 water wells with the financial assistance of foreign travelers, but did not have the necessary continuous financial means or operational support to enact continuous and enduring change. The American travelers understood his vision, and after returning home established a US recognized 501(c) non-profit to support Chantha’s efforts. The communities supported by Vision Cambodia are some of the poorest in the world, and there are very few opportunities for donors and supporters to make such a big impact for so little money.

Why Donate?

Sometimes it is hard to envision the impact that a donation can have in a distant place like Cambodia. According to UNICEF, over one-third of Cambodians live under the poverty line surviving on only a dollar a day. A few dollars is all people need to feed their families and to have some basic necessities. To people in western countries this may not seem like a lot of money, but many in Cambodia struggle to earn the few dollars they need to feed their families, let alone to fund any larger expenses like a childbirth or school supplies. This is where you can step in and make a real and lasting difference.

Every donation made to Vision Cambodia goes directly to the people that Chantha is working to help. The people who are a part of Vision Cambodia donate their time, resources, and talents to make sure that every last penny makes it to the people of Cambodia. You can take comfort knowing that the projects are being run and maintained by the locals, and the benefits from these projects go directly into their communities. Each project is also designed to be lasting and sustainable, so your contribution can have a profound effect on the people you help for years to come.

Donation Options

Each of our projects have a set completion cost, but donors are welcome to donate in any amount they wish toward a project of their choice. Regardless of the project you choose, the execution is handled by local Cambodians, who make a livelihood through the projects you fund. Here is a breakdown of our current projects, how much they cost for us to fund, and what kind of a difference they can make.

Build a Well $375

Clean water is an essential part of living a healthy life, and for many rural Cambodians clean water can be almost impossible to come by. Without water wells, Cambodians are at a constant risk of contracting illnesses that can be debilitating or even fatal. The wells that we build are a critical source of clean water that are built to last.

Building a well costs only $375, and a single well can provide clean water for a village of hundreds of people for years on end. The water is used for bathing, cooking, cleaning, and drinking, so when you provide the gift of clean water, it helps Cambodians be healthier inside and out! As with any of our projects, partial donations are accepted.

Fund a Baby Birth $30

In Cambodia, 1 in 21 children that are born do not survive, which is almost ten times higher than the mortality rate in the United States. This is largely because Cambodian women do not have the funds or facilities for a safe and sanitary birth. Donating $30 can allow you to provide all of the tools, medication, and accommodations necessary to help a mother give birth in sanitary conditions. This effort means the world to the women who receive the donations because it helps ensure that their children make it into the world as safely as possible!

Develop a Farm $2,000

The natural ecosystem of Cambodia is rich with life and the ideal place to cultivate crops, but it is too costly for most Cambodians to build a farm from the ground up. When you fund the development of a farm, you enable the purchasing of materials to grow crops, lay framework for the farm, and teach the villagers how to grow and sell their crops. Your donation even provides an automated watering system! The farms are an amazing opportunity to create jobs and bring money back to the villages. All of the proceeds from the donated farms are reinvested into the village, with any additional profit being distributed to the local schools.

Build a Greenhouse $3,000

From May to October, Cambodia is soaked with incredibly heavy rainfall that prevents the cultivation of more lucrative cash crops. These crops can’t survive in the excessively rainy conditions, so constructing a greenhouse allows locals to grow more profitable crops year round. The greenhouse also provides a higher quality of crops, with moisture control, and protection from pests that would damage or eat the crops. As with our farm development projects, all of the proceeds from greenhouses are reinvested into the village for more projects and education.

Build a School $5,000

Learning English is a profitable way for Cambodians to earn a better living, and it opens up opportunities beyond what they would normally have. Tourism is growing in Cambodia, so learning English can help locals have more opportunities to be a part of the growing industry. For $5,000, Vision Cambodia can construct a new schoolhouse replete with initial teaching supplies and an English teacher to educate an entire village. For many of these students, an English school could be their only source of formal education. These schools are also built with upcycled plastics and are designed with airflow in mind to combat the intense heat.

As with any of our projects, partial donations are accepted. With school building projects in particular, partial donations can be used to help fund the overhead and other recurring financial costs associated with running a school. Some of these costs include the wages for the English teachers, supplies, building maintenance, and more.

What You Can Expect From Us

We want our donors to feel involved with the work that we do for the people of Cambodia. The change that you can make is real, lasting, and personal, so we want you to be involved every step of the way. Partial donations or donations towards the other available categories can receive:

  • A thank you email with receipt
  • A follow up email with backstory, photos of previous projects, and a link to the blog for future updates.

Trust is important to us, so we want our donors to know with confidence that their donations are making a difference. Our blog can be your window into Cambodia where you get to keep up on all the latest developments!

Donations that cover the entire cost of building a school or well can receive:

  • A thank you email with receipt
  • A follow up email with brief backstory and photos of previous projects
  • A detailed report when their project is finished
  • Photos of their well/school and the people that are benefiting from it

When you donate through Vision Cambodia, you make a real, lasting, and personal difference, and we want you to be able to share in that experience!

Donate Today

Be a force of change that echoes through generations. Donate today to any of our projects to be a part of something larger than life!

In addition to funding whole projects, you can also choose to make recurring donations to help provide a steady supply of support to the people of Cambodia. Recurring donations can allow you to make a greater impact over time. This donation option is coming soon, so please contact us if you don’t want to wait to begin donating!

Do you want to get a hands-on experience with the projects we do in Cambodia? Contact us at to learn more about how you can take a once in a lifetime humanitarian trip! You can also reach out to us if you’re looking for other ways to get involved.

Make a difference today!